World Map Reveals the Top Tourist Attraction of Every Country

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When you’re planning a trip, it can often be hard to choose where to go in the world. A website called Vouchercloud has solved this problem by designing an infographic world map which illustrates the most popular tourist destination in every country of the globe. This information is based on data retrieved from TripAdvisor. Each destination is separated into different categories such as tourism, religion, natural, and historic. This information is great for people who want to see the places that everyone else wants to see. It is also great for people who want to avoid big touristy areas as well.

Some examples of popular areas include the Musee d’Orsay in France and natural waterfall locations in Jamaica, Paraguay, Brazil, Guyana, and Canada. You might find it surprising which destinations are more popular and which ones are not as popular as you might think.

Get your passport ready to visit the top tourist attraction of every country.

North and South America. Click for full-resolution map.

Europe. Click for full-resolution map.

Asia and Australasia. Click for full-resolution map.

h/t: [Design Taxi]