Ancient Temples of Mount Laojun Peak

China has some of the most scenic and impressive locations in the world. These locations are sometimes home to ancient temples of great cultural importance. The temples of Mount Laojun are an example of these temples. Located at the peak of Mount Laojun, these temples are the most important temples of Taoism in China. This is because, according to some sources, the founder of Taoism Laozi often used this mountain as shelter and develop his teachings and thoughts. As such, the mountain gets its name from Laozi as well. Both the mountain and the structures at its summit have great value for the members of Taoism.

Ancient Temples of Mount Laojun

Aside from its importance for Taoism, the ancient temples of Mount Laojun are also a really popular tourist destination. The area has a spot rating of “AAAAA,” which is the highest rating a place can receive in China.

Ancient twin Temples of Mount Laojun

The mountain is nearly 2217 meters above the sea, making it the highest point of the Qinling Mountain Range. Moreover, this mountain range is the dividing point between North and South China. In order to see the temples, visitors must take a harsh journey to the peak of the mountain. However, it is also possible to climb the mountain with aerial trams as well. The mountain is also home to a 40-meter-tall statue of Laozi, a further testament to his importance for the region.

Ancient Temples of Mount Laojun and the snow

The most telling feature of the ancient temples of Mount Laojun, which are 1200 years old, is definitely the golden pavilions. These pavilions are visible even through the snow and fog, almost acting like a beacon for travelers. Due to the color, people of the region also call these temples the Golden Palace. For many years, Mount Laojun has been a pilgrimage location for Taoists. However, the views and the nature of the mountain are open to every visitor.

Ancient Temples of Mount Laojun staircase
Ancient Temples of Mount Laojun entrance
the temples of the mountain peak
the temple below the staircase
aerial tram at the mountain
Ancient Temples of Mount Laojun from above