What’s A Movie That Teaches A Really Bad Lesson?

A Reddit user asked ‘What’s a movie that teaches a really bad lesson?’ and here are 30 of the most interesting responses.


bad lessondaddyshotmess

just about every rom com that teaches men that ‘no’ means ‘keep trying’ instead of ‘f&%k off’.



Any movie that teaches the idea that if you’re persistent, then you’ll get the girl/guy.


bad lessonBlitheringEediot

Grease : If He cannot “rise” to her level – She should “sink” to his.



Fifty Shades of Grey.

It’s a movie about a guy who was ab$#ed perpetuating the cycle of abuse with the thin veneer of “it’s okay because he’s rich and this is how BDSM works.” The f%^k it does; almost all the characters are all sh$^ty people. Period.


bad lessonRavenBrannigan

13 reasons why. Not a movie, but is basically plays to the fantasy of any teenager who’s thinking of harming themselves how everyone will run around afterwards trying to piece it all together and they’ll still be a big part of peoples lives when they’re gone.

The sad reality is that this is not true and it’s a terrible message to give to kids.



Cats. It teaches impressionable Hollywood producers that it’s a good idea to make a movie like Cats.


bad lessonDeadpanWords

The whole Twilight series. Edward and Jacob are both controlling pricks at best, and Bella is too spineless to put them in their place.

“My love dumped me, so I’m going to engage in reckless behavior.”

“My love is dead, so I’m going to commit su&%#de by cop.”

“My love is in a relationship with someone else, so I’m going to try to force myself on her so she will change her mind.”

If you want some professional input about how bad the relationships are in Twilight, check out Cinema Therapy on YouTube.



Any romcom. You’re about to get married, but you met a really cool person you had a connection with. Now your fiance seemed… Off. They aren’t the right person for you. Leave them for that stranger.


bad lessonNutsAndOrBerries

Love Story. “Love means never having to say you’re sorry!” What the hell were they thinking?



The Sex and the City Movie… and series. Big leaves Carrie time and time again over the years. This teaches that if you stick around your toxic relationship the man might finally change and commit to you…even after 10 years!

With that said, I love SATC! Watching it in my 20’s I saw Carrie finally get her man. Watching it in my 30’s I cringe and just wish Carrie would have stayed with Aiden.