People Share Weird Things They Didn’t Know And Internet Explains

31. It’s Been Submerged In Water For Years Near A Creek Where I Live. Can’t Google Because I Don’t Know Where To Start. What Is This Thing?


Answer: The Quester, the private submarine built to salvage the Andrea Doria, now in need of salvage itself.

32. My Mother Left Bleach In Her Sink For About A Week While We Left On Vacation, And We Came Back To This. Is It Mold?

weird thingsshadowfallwolf

Answer: the bleach oxidized the metal parts of your sink.

33. 20 Years Of Research And Reddit Is My Last Hope! What Is This Thing?


Answer: The Black Drum fish fossils. The Black Drum had a short deep body with a high arched back, but a flattish belly. The jaw teeth were small and pointed, but the throat was armed with large, flat, pavement-like teeth with which the drum crushed shellfish, for food. This characteristic separates it from the weakfish and the king fish.

34. What Are These Perfect Sets Of Beach Holes? Flip Flop For Scale


Answer: the remnants of a scientific clam survey.

35. We Had A Party The Other Night And Found This On The Kitchen Counter In The Morning. It Has White Powder In It And The Cap Just Comes Off, It’s Not Secured In Any Way. Bottle Cap For Size Reference. What Is This Thing?

weird thingsmporso

Answer: It’s a refill container for a marking tool used in sewing. The tool dispenses a fine line of powdered chalk when drawn across fabric. I have some in several colors.

36. What Are These Blue Tubes That I Keep Seeing In Berlin?


Answer: to transfer groundwater to rivers because of the water level. Since the early 1990’s the groundwater level in Berlin has been rising. Due to lower water consumption the abstraction of groundwater has diminished and the city now has to cope with an extraordinary high level of groundwater.

37. Bit Into A Mcdonald’s Double Quarter Pounder With A Cheese And Noticed A Chemically Flavor. Opened It Up And Saw This. What Is This!?


Answer: Former employee, it’s more than likely from their gloves they use to put the meat on the grill.

38. Falling Out Of The Sky? What Is This Thing?

weird thingsFrighteningJibber

Answer: contrails from a passenger plane. Being close to sunset, the vapor clouds are taking on the same color as any other cloud would have under the same late-day sun.

39. Found Under A Bed. What Is This Thing?


Answer: small scale meth making device.

40. Empty Gel Container In A Sealed Coca-Cola Bottle. What Is This Thing?

weird thingsladyofchaos

Answer: Ibuprofen.