People Share Weird Things They Didn’t Know And Internet Explains

21. What Is The Purpose Of These Mirrors? I Came Across Them In Trosa, Sweden, Near The River. They Are On Almost Every House

weird thingskemcio17

Answer: In Denmark they are called a “gadespejl” It is an old invention, basically a mirror that made it possible to view the street from the comfort of your couch.

22. Found This While Beach Combing In The Olympic Peninsula. I’ve Never Seen Anything Like It. What Is This Thing?


Answer: Squid eggs.

23. Noticed This Weird Urinal In A Brauhaus Bathroom In Cologne Germany. What Is This Thing?


Answer: it’s called a Papst (german for Pope). It’s for puking.

24. Took This Picture From My Airplane Window On Trip From Dc To Las Vegas. Any Idea What It Is?

weird thingshoneybadger3891

Answer: a mineral mine. It’s the world’s largest lithium deposit.

25. What Is This Fish With Strange Writing?


Answer: The Lucky Iron Fish. I recall hearing that iron deficiency was a serious problem in developing countries due to improper diets that consisted of mostly pastas and rice, which are a poor source of iron.

The solution was to boil chunks of iron with food to increase the iron content but many were skeptical and hesitant to cook with chunks of metal in their food. The iron was shaped into a ‘lucky fish’ that would provided addition health benefits when you boiled water with the fish in it.

26. What Is This Signs Purpose?


Answer: It means do not scare the flamingos. Many people would cross that sign to scare them so that they could fly and get a picture.

27. All-Wood Things Seen With Someone’s Trash Set Out For Pickup, About 1 Foot High. What Is This Thing?

weird thingssqqueen

Answer: we call em bee hotels, like many people already mentioned, it is for ‘solitary’ bees (solitary because they don’t love/work/do in hives, but clearly, they live close to one another in this setting) although it can also attract many other animals. These things help the ecosystem.

28. What Is The Purpose Of This Chain?


Answer: it is a rain chain, an alternative for traditional downspout of a gutter system.

29. What Is This Paintball Gun Looking Thing Being Used By Police In A Real Life Drug Raid?

weird thingsIVIichael

Answer: Pepper Spray Paint Ball gun. Technically it is a paintball gun, however the paintballs it fires have pepper spray powder inside of them. It’s less than lethal defense.

30. What Is This Weird Half Truck And Why Is It Pushing A Flatbed Trailer? Is There Any Sort Of Advantage Of Pushing Rather Than Pulling It?


Answer: Float Plane Mover. This truck’s job is to move planes up and down a boat ramp into the water. Backing up an ordinary truck+trailer combo down a boat ramp is not easy. With this vehicle, the driver can look straight forward down the ramp rather than in his rear-view mirror, and since the steering wheels are at the back it’s easy to align the truck’s bed with the plane. Most trucks only load at a boat ramp once in a while, since this one does only that, it makes sense to design it specifically for that job.