People Share Weird Things They Didn’t Know And Internet Explains

11. What Is This Random Structure I Found In The Middle Of The Forest?


Answer: a WWII one man bomb shelter.

12. Found In My Dads Room, Really Hoping Its Not A Sex Thing. What Is This Thing?


Answer: it goes over shoes to give grip on ice. They are called yak tracks.

13. In A Multi Storey Car Park. Is It A Passage For Rats? There Are Also Small Holes In The Floor And Ceiling With A Tiny Ladder Connecting Them

weird thingspetermartin2006

Answer: Secret Industry by John Pym: The stairwells and lift lobbies of multistorey car parks are not usually areas where people pause to admire the architecture, so John Pym used this to his advantage. The model walkways and ladders replicate their full-scale counterparts and are a playful way of suggesting an alternative, unseen service industry at work within the building. Superficially mundane, some people may use the car park for years without being aware of their presence, while others will notice straightaway. The artist sees it as a reward for those who look more closely at their surroundings.

14. Looks Suspicious But Has Several Interchangeable Sized Tips And Appears To Have A Purpose. What Is This For?


Answer: It’s a snowman kit.

15. Found In My Aunts “Treasure” Collection. Seems Like A Heavy Metal Weight Inside. What Is This Thing?

weird thingswildedgeofficial

Answer: This is a “tracker pebble” used for tracking longshore drift. The pebbles have a serial number, are buried in a location and then refound further down the coast in the shingle by metal detector.

16. This Purple Sky In Southern California Seen At 1:30am And Lasted For Only About 5 Minutes Before Fading Away. What Is This Thing?


Answer: the glow is related to a commercial cannabis growing operation. That’s the color of grow lights.

17. Clock In Assisted Living Facility


Answer: Bedsore prevention. You would refer to the two hour intervals as a turning schedule.

18. My Friend Just Moved In To A New Flat And This Is Her Neighbours Garden. What Is This Thing?

weird thingsDanBread

Answer: a Voodoo altar

19. This Just Trundled Across The Road In Front Of Me, Zoomed Down The Sidewalk Before I Could Get A Better Look At It. Spotted In Melbourne Australia. What Is This Thing?


Answer: it’s an automated delivery, possibly for food.

20. Silver Capsule Camouflaged Inside A Wooden Container Hanging In A Tree In A Public Park. What Is This Thing?


Answer: it’s a geocache. Judging by the size, it’ll likely only have a list inside for people to sign that they found it.