40 Times People Shared Creepy Old Pics

31. A Clean-Cut Charles Manson On His Wedding Day In 1955

creepy old picsDia-fukin-rrhea

32. The Moon From The French 1902 Movie “A Trip To The Moon”


33. A Happy Clown From The Early 1900s

creepy old picsSleeeepy_Hollow

34. Goldilocks And The Three Bears, 1908


35. Freezing Off Freckles Procedure In 1930s

creepy old picsonepersononeidea

36. My Grandfather And His Sister


37. Glurpo, The World’s Only Underwater Clown

creepy old picsTommyAdagio

38. Found This Weird Photo Online. The Title Said That It’s From “Page 896 Of The American Florist, A Weekly Journal For The Trade (1885)”. Please Make Special Note Of His Feet


39. Behind-The-Scenes Of Teletubbies’ In The Late-90s

creepy old picsSleeeepy_Hollow

40. Children Salute The American Flag In Front Of The Morgan Hill School (California), 1930s