40 Times People Shared Creepy Old Pics

There are always creepy things in daily life. People shared creepy old pics and here are 40 of them.

1. Martin Luther King Jr. With His Son, Pulling Up A Burnt Cross From The Front Lawn Of His Atlanta Home, April 1960

creepy old picsXoloj

2. If You Ever Wondered How The American Buffalo Could Go From 30,000,000 To 300 In 50 Years, Pictures Like This May Give Some Idea (Buffalo Skulls)


3. Children After Working In The Mine

creepy old picsmakesyousayilost

4. Department Store Wax Mannequins Melting During A Heatwave In 1929


5. So My Aunt Casually Tells Me Today That She Once Found A Ton Of Skeletons In Her Garden

creepy old picsjewbo23

6. A Letter From Schizophrenic Patient Emmy Hauck To Her Husband. It Consists Only Phrase “Herzensschatzi Komm” (Darling Please Come) And “Komm Komm Komm” (Come, Come, Come ) Repeated Over And Over


7. A Train Shredded After A Boiler Explosion – There’s Something About This Image I Find Weirdly Unsettling

creepy old picsMellotronSymphony

8. Anti-Electricity Propaganda From 1900


9. Halloween Costumes From The 1930s

creepy old picsSleeeepy_Hollow

10. Oldest Surviving Diving Suit, 18th Century