30 Humorous Street Photos From 1950s France By René Maltête

Based in France, Rene Maltete lived from 1933 to 2000 and he always believed in having candid and playful photos as they had a lot of fun involved and he decided to pursue it to the next level. His interest was to capture the French lifestyle and habits using his photography.

Typically, his work was based on street photography and he explored more on French people. He has captured random photos that include people sunbathing, casually walking etc. and most of the typical moments. There were little stories that surrounded every photograph and he made sure that he touched upon all the aspects of the society. Almost all of his photos were black and white and he painted several pictures all through his life.

When you look at the photos by Rene, you will see that there is light humor involved in all the photos along with a philosophical angle to it. Scroll down to have a look at some of the best photos by Rene and you will appreciate it!

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