40 Times People Shared Creepy Old Pics

21. Old Doll Factory

creepy old picsonepersononeidea

22. Human Teeth Found In The Wall Of A Building Formerly Used By A Dentist In The Early 1900s


23. 1952 U.S. Advertisement For Van Camp’s Pork & Beans

creepy old picsWhey-Men

24. Meeting Of The Mickey Mouse Club In The 1930’s


25. A Woman In The Wild West Wearing A Bonnet And A Mask Designed To Protect Skin From Sun Damage

creepy old picsJankCranky

26. 17th Century Metal Mask That Was Used To Restrain Individuals Who Were Considered To Be Insane


27. ‘Hells Cafe’ In Paris 1920s

creepy old picsonepersononeidea

28. Humpty Dumpty 1939


29. Photograph Of A Victorian Baby Held By Their Mother

creepy old picsSleeeepy_Hollow

30. The Original Ronald Mcdonald, 1963