Carpet Field in Türkiye: A Visual Feast

Döşemealtı, a district of Antalya, is known for its hand-woven carpet field that covers the ground every summer. Antalya, a province in the Mediterranean region of Turkey, is suitable to host this unique practice with its hot and humid climate.

Carpet Field

As the colors fade away the carpets look older.

Hundreds of hand-woven carpets and rugs come from different regions across the country. After they are washed, they are laid on fields in groups to be exposed to sunlight during the course of summer. This practice is done to soften the colors of the carpets to give them an old and pastel look and eliminate any germs they might contain. The old carpets are washed and repaired as well to be recycled. At the end of the summer, the carpets are picked up from the fields and shipped to Istanbul to be exported.


There are hundreds of carpets that are checked regularly. The workers keep an eye on them and flip them when the time is right.

Carpet Field

Carpet weaving is a traditional art in Turkey. The Turkish carpets are rich in colors and are decorated with intricate motifs that tell various tales of love, memories, and pains of life. They are very popular outside of Turkey too.


The carpet field is particularly beautiful when viewed from above with a drone.

Carpet Field