40 Times People Shared Creepy Old Pics

11. Tim Curry On The Set Of ‘It’ (1990)

creepy old picsSleeeepy_Hollow

12. It Drinks


13. Melted Wax Figures Rescued From The 1925 Fire At Madam Tussaud’s London Museum

creepy old picsBunnyLovr

14. A Full-Faced Swimming Mask Designed To Protect Women’s Skin From The Sun In The 1920s


15. Washing A Crucifix, 1938

creepy old picsspiceprincesszen

16. A 16th Century Plague Doctors Mask


17. A Drunken Man In Top Hat And Tails Clings To A Lamp-Post, London, 1934. Photo By Bill Brandt

creepy old picsSleeeepy_Hollow

18. Photo Of Two Women With Super Long Hair


19. Linda Blair’s Makeup Tests For “The Exorcist” (1973)

creepy old picsBrendaSugarbaker

20. Some Paper Mache Heads From The First World War