30 Adorable Pets With Unique Genes

These adorable pets have unique genes that give them really distinctive looks. Take a look at these cuties!

1. Frankie Was Born With Four Ears And An Eye Deformity But He’s Still Purrfect

unique petsMissy-Andry

2. Cat Named Yoda Was Born With An Extra Set Of Ears

3. Ren Is A Polydactyl With 6 Toes On Each Foot


4. I Adopted A Stray Dog With 2 Mouths, One Where The Ear Should Be


5. My Sister Found This Adorable Guy With Extra Toes


6. This Is Skadi, The Norwegian Lundehund Puppy


7. This Unicorn Puppy Named Narwhal Was Found Abandoned With An Extra Tail On His Forehead

unique petsMac the pitbull

8. Too Many Peets

unique pets


9. Polydactyl Maine Coon


10. Sansa Is A Special Needs Rescue Princess With Feline Hyperesthesia, Different Colored Eyes & More Toes Than You