30 Adorable Pets With Unique Genes

11. A Cat With An Opposable Thumb. I For One Welcome Our New Cat Overlords

unique petscronkgarrow

12. Met This Cat Today With Two Tails

unique petsFulcrum71

13. My Cat Is Polydactyl And Has 26 Toes. So I Named Him Toes

unique petsPapa-Wu

14. Meet Phoebe, The Polydactyl Highland Lynx Complete With Curled Ears And A Bobtail

unique petskaykykelkip

15. Doubled Fangs Of a kitten

unique petsiceage2012

16. Amelia And Her Two Faced Cat

unique petsGallowBoob

17. Got My Cat Wholesale And He Came With 75% Extra Beans


18. This My Nugget At 2 Months Old And 1 Year Old. She’s My Stunted Growth, Cross Eyed, Head Tilted, Polydactyl, Special Kitty


19. Say Hi To Our New Kitten Maximillion! He’s A Polydactyl Siamese


20. The Cat At Our Warehouse Gave Birth To A Kitten Who Has An Extra Tiny Paw That Functions As A Thumb