30 Adorable Pets With Unique Genes

21. Sleepy Polydactyl Kitten With An Extra 6 Toes


22. Polydactyl Peek-A-Boo

unique petsCynthiadawn

23. This Kitten With 7 Beans!

unique petsTriceratons

24. Here Is My Rescue Baby

unique petsSayianPrincess19

25. I Drove Over An Hour One Way To Pick Up My Purrito With Extra Beans From A Shelter In The Middle Of Nowhere. Meet Zula


26. Joey


27. My Polydactyl Kitty Stella

unique catsjene-brooke

28. Polydactyl Kitten In Clinic Today

unique cats


29. My Friend’s Polydactyl Half-Lynx Kitten. Her Name Is Nimh

unique catsBaronVonDouchebag

30. Our Little Ginger Polydactyl Kitten

unique catsStreetSpiritFO