30 Photos Of Rescued Pets That Will Warm Your Heart

Rescuing pets from shelters is much more sensitive than buying them. Seeing rescued pets will warm your heart. Here are 40 new rescued pets photos.

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1. My Foster Dog Had Never Been Indoors Before. This Is Her First Nap, On A Bed, In A Home

rescued petsmugglequeen

2. My Foster Kitten Is Part Domestic Shorthair, Part Vampire


3. Anytime Someone Asks To Adopt The Pups Separately I Send Them This Picture

rescued petsthe-dogtor-is-in

4. A Fantastic Blep From My Newly Adopted Blind Old Kitty, Ambrose


5. Someone Is Happy To Be Adopted Today

rescued petsmeowlloryjane

6. We Had No Plans To Adopt Our Current Foster Dog But Then This Happened


7. My Neighbor Just Adopted This Little Thing And I Just Can’t

rescued petsteenytiny212

8. Adopted A 12 Year Old Cat. Her Look Tells Me She’s Thankful And I’m Smitten


9. “Old Man Ed’s “I’m Getting Adopted!” Smile Is Both Handsome And Proud” I Am Getting Along Well With The Old Man

rescued petsmythrowawaywhy

10. The Orange Kitten I Rescued From Under My Stairs Two Days Ago Already Knows How To Pose Like A Supermodel