People Share Interesting Things In ‘Today I Learned’ Online Group


today i learnedMovie_Advance_101

TIL Mice do not have a special appetite for cheese, and will eat it only for lack of better options; they actually favor sweet, sugary foods. It is unclear where the myth came from.



TIL that the Luna Moth only survives 6-7 days once reaching adulthood because it has no mouth and dies of starvation.


today i learnedkgcoder

TIL that Velociraptors were the size of a turkey in real life, not 2m (6 1⁄2 ft) tall as they were portrayed in Jurassic Park movie.


TIL Stephen Hawking found his Undergraduate work ‘ridiculously easy’ to the point where he was able to solve problems without looking at how others did it. Even his examiners realised that “they were talking to someone far cleverer than most of themselves”.



TIL in 1978 Emilio Palma was the first person born on Antarctica, making them the only currently living person that was the first person born on a continent



TIL the lyrics at the end of ‘Sweet Child of Mine’ were literal. Axel Rose and his music producer were discussing what to do with the end of the song and Rose started saying to himself “Where do we go? Where do we go now?” The producer suggested singing that and that’s how it made it in the song.



TIL that the actor who played Charlie Bucket in the original Charlie and the Chocolate Factory never acted again, and grew up to be a veterinarian.




TIL Italy, France, and Brazil are not even in the top ten highest consumers of coffee. The Nordic countries dominate coffee consumption and are all within the top ten countries worldwide. Further, Finland (the highest consumer in the world) more than doubles the annual consumption of Italy.


today i learnedHannover2k

TIL: That most of the fake snow used in the 1980 Movie “The Shining” was repurposed from the ice planet Hoth scenes in “The Empire Strikes Back”.


TIL Psychologists found that interrogative self-talk, asking yourself a question about a future action increases the likelihood of it happening. For example, rather than saying “I’m going to the gym later.” You would say, “Will I go to the gym later?” It triggers more goal-oriented behavior.