People Share The Funniest “This Is When I Realized This Person Is Stupid On A Whole New Level” Stories


stupid momentsThis story is in good faith.

I was asking my friend, J, when he learned about 9/11. He started telling me this specific story of how he walked outside and saw smoke everywhere and how he asked his mom about it, he claimed she said planes hit the towers.

I stared at him, just silently taking in the story.

We live in the Midwest, there was no way he saw the debris from the towers.

Also we were born in 2003.


Dude burned down his convenience store for an insurance claim, and stopped the milk and bread deliveries the day before.


I work for Parks Canada in Yoho National Park. I have been asked the question (seriously), “Where do you keep the animals at night?” twice in my career. To this day I still find great joy imagining what they thought was going on each night as we “collected” every large animal in the Parks.


stupid momentsI worked at a pet store in college. This customer asked me which food would make his pit bull “swole.” I suggested a high protein food with a good amount of exercise but advised that a lot of it was determined by the dog’s genetics. He asked me if we sold genetics.

kolbyrdenham,Donald West


stupid momentsI moved to the UK from Germany. A guy asked me if we had colours in Germany.


stupid momentsKnew a girl in middle school that didn’t understand the concept of perspective

She also thought North was whichever direction you were facing at the time


stupid momentsIn high school I met a boy who asked me for a hygienic cloth because he thought he had a period, actually he only sat on a melted popsicle


I had to explain to a girl why you couldnt grow your hair down in front of your face and just cut out eye holes. Even explaining it her she couldnt grasp it and brushed me off as being “too smart.”
Beef_jumps,daily sunny


stupid momentsI was friends with with a guy who believed those fake apple adverts like “Apple Wave – Microwave your phone for instant battery charge” I was so dumbfounded that he actually fell for it. When I saw him the week after and he had a new phone it all clicked for me


stupid momentsI used to work with a girl who was sweet but so dumb. We were in a meeting once and somehow someone mentioned baked ham. My manager said “Ugh I hate ham. It looks like human flesh.” The girl I mentioned was sitting next to me and looked horrified and whispered “Does ham really come from people?”
Ally862,Steven Lilley