20 Cats That Need Your Attention The Exact Moment You Start Reading

Cats want to take over the world! It’s true, we‘ve observed cats all over trying to dissuade humans from reading, this attempt to keep us uneducated is the strategy cats world over intend to use to take over the world. They understand we would be much easier to control when we do not read.

This is a serious issue and we are calling on everyone to upload pictures of cats attempting to disrupt your reading. Share and update your best pictures so that the world can be made aware of this feline threat.

#1 You No Study, You Play With Pebbles

cats need attentionsource: imgur

#2 Spoiler Alert: The Main Character Dies. Now Rub My Tummy

cats need attentionsource: imgur

#3 I’ll Just Lay Here

cats need attention

#4 Pages Ruined By Some 15th Century Cat

cats need attentionsource: imgur

#5 This Is Watson, He Does This Every Time I Open A Book

cats need attentionsource: imgur