10+ Hilarious Photos Showing That Cats Are Always Full of Surprises

Life with cats is always full of surprises. Here are the hilarious photos of our furry friends surprising their owners with unforgettable or ridiculous tricks.

1. “Organic food makes my mouth water and I blep.”

cats surpriserody.tino.tomoko

2. Total eclipse of the cat

funny catschuck.the.duck

3. “When it’s sunny, my cat always does this.”

funny cats50pets

4. The 3 stages of grief: astonishment, disappointment, and acceptance

funny catsNafig7 / pikabu

5. “Look, hooman! I can make a tail tornado!”

funny catswakaponsan

6. When your cats’ personal life is more eventful than yours:


7. Apparently, this cat was trying to communicate with aliens, but got interrupted.


8. This is the world’s most interesting lamp, according to 5 cats.

funny cats

AggressivelyMeows / imgur

9. This cat is known in the neighborhood as the underwear thief.

deathbygamez / reddit

10. A moment of truth:


11. “My 2 cats sleeping in their tunnel look like one extra-long kitty.”

funny catsNerdyConspiracyChick / reddit