The Most Wholesome Cat Posts That Warm Many People’s Hearts

These adorable posts will warm your heart with the most wholesome cat posts on the internet. Scroll down to see lovely stories of these cuties!

1. Just Turned 21 Years. He Has Accompanied Me Through Teenage Years, College, Marriage, And Was Still Able To Meet My 4 Month Old Baby. Thank You For A Lifetime Of Companionship… I Love You With All My Heart


2. Muy Bueno!


3. I’m Her Eyes And She Is My Heart

4. A Woman Found Her Cat Alive Sixteen Days After A Destructive Tornado In Joplin, Missouri, In 2011


5. When I Adopted Penny From A Shelter 10 Years Ago She Was Scared And Aggressive. Today She Is The Most Loving Cat I Have Ever Met


6. People: Black Cats Are Bad Luck! Black Cats


7. A Hiker Woke Up In The Night Feeling A Weight On His Legs. He Took A Photo With His Phone And This Is What He Saw


8. Could You Please Say “Hi” To Peany?

9. When You See A Guy Bottle Feeding A Kitten On The Subway

wholesome cats

10. Every Day At The Same Exact Time, This Stray Cat Meets The Train’s Conductor For A Treat