30 Photos Of Rescued Pets That Will Warm Your Heart

21. Just Adopted This Little Carbon Copy Of Our Gamora

rescued petsRough_Design_4722

22. My Rescue Bunny I Adopted This Friday. She’s A Sweetheart


23. I’m A Trapper For A Cat Rescue And Sometimes You Just Can’t Say No. World, Meet Ranger

rescued petsFuckRedditMods23

24. I Found This Gorgeous Female Cat Today At Work. I Put Out Lost Animal Adverts But I’m Kind Of Hoping No One Claims Her… Because I Want To Adopt Her!


25. Here’s My Rescue Dog Named Princess, It May Be Hard To Tell, But Her Ears Are Cut Off

rescued petsChocolateMilkmanTrue

26. I Adopted A One Eyed Dog, Everyone Said He Must Be A Pirate For Halloween


27. Mommy Just Got A New Pup. She Asked Me To Post A Picture On “Feddit” And Ask For Name Suggestions

rescued petsgreppings

28. I Was Adopted Today. She Hid Under The Stove All Day Till I Gave Her Some Wet Cat Food. It Was Love At First Bite


29. I Just Adopted This Beautiful Girl – World Meet Sooki

rescued petsJeniroo2

30. Adopted Fizz Today