30 Photos Of Rescued Pets That Will Warm Your Heart

11. Meet Kiba, A Feral Kitten I Adopted

rescued petsgrizzlyperthy

12. We’ve Adopted Him 3 Days Ago. The Derp Is Strong In This One


13. The Tiny Kitten I Saved. He’s A Thief, He Stole My Heart And I’m Adopting Him

rescued petsKoibetta

14. She’s *officially* Mine Now. My Twelve Year Old Newly Adopted Lady


15. Just Adopted This 11 Y/O Good Boi

rescued petslean4life

16. Adopted This Senior Girl Yesterday. My Beautiful Lady


17. I Wasn’t Planning On Adopting A Kitten, But This One Stole My Hearth. Meet Frida. Her Favorite Toy Is A Shallot And She Farts When She Sleeps. It Smells A Bit Of Cheese

rescued petsBiche-tordue

18. My Boyfriend And I Recently Adopted This Big Boy. He’s 2!


19. My Partner And I Adopted Emma Today! She Is A 1yr Old Oriental

rescued petsdahanger

20. Adopted This Sweet Pea Yesterday