30 Photos Of Rescued Pets That Will Warm Your Heart

21. We Adopted A Dog A Few Weeks Ago And The Cat Is Finally Ready To Hate Him Up Close

rescued petsevolvedtwig

22. My Very 1st Foster Puppy, Wendy


23. I’ve Never Had A Kitty Before! Meet Bug!


24. Adopted 14 Week Old Brothers. Everyone Meet Pancakes And Waffles! They Love To Snuggle You Or Eachother

rescued petsclyptric

25. Last Weekend My Girlfriend Witnessed A Drink Driver Roll Their Car. The Puppy Was Ejected From The Vehicle, She Saved Him. Yesterday, I Adopted Him


26. This Little Guy

rescued petsbleedingreen13

27. I Adopted Otto, An 8 Year Old Boston Terrier From The Shelter Last Week. This Was His Face When He Saw His New Home For The First Time


28. My Foster Dog (Soon To Be Adopted By Me) Got Neutered On Tuesday. He Was Miserable In The Hard Plastic Cone, So My Friend Got Him This Soft Flower Cone, He’s So Happy Now

rescued pets


29. In A Span Of Two Days We Adopted This Baby And Got Engaged


30. We Just Adopted 75lbs Of Cuddles!

rescued petsMrPavlovic