40 Strange Questions That People Asked On Quora

Sometimes we encounter weird people who have strange questions about anything. Quora is a good place to find people who ask strange questions and here are 40 of them.

1. Stupidity Is Contagious

strange questionsdadjokechampnumber1

2. Well Then


3. Mom Thinks Depression Isn’t Real. Thankfully The Person Who Responded Is Sane

strange questionsIAmBiches

4. What Is It With Parents And Their 14 Yr Olds Stuffed Animals


5. Uuummmm… What?

strange questionsNightCupcake

6. Umm… What? She Wants To Call The Cops On The Person Minding His Own Business In His Own House


7. Does This Mean It’s Over?

strange questionsmcxhale

8. Oof Ow My Privacy


9. Classy S*icide

strange questionsDestinyizer

10. All Women Were Lesbian Before The Invention Of Baby Bottles And Formula!