30 Photos Of Rescued Pets That Will Warm Your Heart

11. Two Weeks After Adopting Him, Van Gogh Finally Feels Comfortable Enough To Show Us His Preferred Way To Sit

rescued petsBowling5Soup

12. I Adopted A Kitten For My Cat. It’s Going Well


13. I Just Adopted This Senior Lady! She’s The First Cat I’ve Ever Had And She’s Also The Sweetest One I’ve Ever Known Senior Cat Appreciation!

rescued petsSoup_God_

14. We Named Her Vixie, After The Fox And The Hound. We Have No Idea What Breed She Is Because We Adopted From The Shelter


15. This Feral Kitten We Just Adopted

rescued petsjfdirfn

16. Found A Pregnant Momma Outside In The 100°f+ Texas Heat On Saturday


17. I Adopted A 12 Yo Cat Named George And I Love Him So Much!!! My Real Life Toothless

rescued petsThePicard_2893

18. Adopted This Baby Yesterday, Her Name Is Shiva And She Loves To Nap


19. Our Newly Adopted Sweet Shy Girl

rescued petsjs8082

20. My Newly Adopted Cosmo! He Has Black Galaxy Eyes