50 Rare Historical Photos That Will Impress You (New Photos)

41. A Babushka Keeps The Ears Of Her Grandson Warm As He Takes An Oath Of Enlistment For The Russian Army. Volgograd, 1994. Photo Taken By Nikolai Ignatiev


42. Anti British Propaganda, Japan 1941


43. Rome When It Became The Capital Of The Kingdom Of Italy (1871)

historical photosPinkWarPig

44. Eddie “The Eagle” Edwards Soars Above A Roaring Crowd At The 1988 Winter Olympics. He Finished Last


45. Survivors Of 1972 Of The Infamous Andes Plane Crash. The Passengers Resorted To Cannibalism To Survive 72 Days In The Snow

historical photoshconfiance

46. FDR Using Help To Get Out Of His Car, One Of The Few Photos That Show His Paralytic Illness, Journalists And Photographers Avoided Showing The President In This Weak State Especially During WWII, Taken In The 24th Of September 1932


47. Iron Workers Pose For A Photo Atop The North Tower Of The World Trade Center, 1973

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48. Conrad O’brien-Ffrench Greets A Bear. Having Spent His Youth As A Mountie, Surviving The First World War And Serving As An Mi6 Agent In The Second World War, He Was Known To Welcome Danger. Banff National Park, 1950. Photo Taken By Rosalie French


49. The Airship Le Jaune Flying Past The Eiffel Tower, In Paris, France. (11/20/1903)

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50. Las Vegas Police Facing Mike Tyson After He’d Just Bitten Holyfield’s Ear Off (1996)