50 Rare Historical Photos That Will Impress You (New Photos)

21. Geologist Thomas Griffith Taylor And Meteorologist Charles Wright In The Entrance Of An Ice Grotto. Terra Nova Expedition, Ross Island, 5 January 1911. Photo Taken By Herbert Ponting


22. Visiting Quarantined Family And Friends At Ullevål Hospital, Oslo – Photo By Anders Beer Wilse – 1905


23. A U.S. Marine Rescues Two Vietnamese Children During A Gun Battle At The City Of Hue, During The Tet Offensive Of The Vietnam War – 1968

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24. A Woman Overlooking A Snowy Mountain Pass In The Pyrenees Mountains, France – 1956


25. Homecoming, A British Soldier With His 8 Month Old Daughter As He Arrives At The Docks From Overseas 1945

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26. A German World War II Prisoner Is Released By The Soviet Union And Reunited With His 12-Year-Old Daughter, Who Has Not Seen Him Since Infancy. 1956


27. Mother And Baby Of Family Of Nine Living In Field On U.S. Route 70 Near The Tennessee River, March 1936

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28. Cetshwayo, King Of The Zulu Who Defeated The British At The Battle Of Isandlwana, 1878


29. Shepherds Listening To Music Records, Azerbaijan 1939

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30. The World’s Last Commercial Ocean-Going Sailing Ship – The Pamir – Rounding Cape Horn, 1949