People Share Interesting Daily Life Photos From The Past

Everyone likes to see how vintage life was. People shared interesting daily life photos from the past and here are 30 of them.

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1. My Kitty … Harlem, NY, 1949

daily lifeGaGator43

2. Young Woman Dressed For An Evening Out, Detroit, 1968


3. A Young Woman Posing For A Studio Portrait, Kentucky, Circa 1890-1910

daily lifeStr33twise84

4. My Grandfather And His Horse, Ruby. 1940’s


5. This Is My Great Aunt In Front Of Their House In Boston, 1964. The House Was Bought On A Milkman’s Salary

daily lifemks113

6. My Dad Died This Week, And I Was Going Through Photos For The Memorial Slideshow. Here Are My Parents In A Very Early 70’s Kitchen, But Mostly I Really Like How They Are Looking At Each Other


7. “Sits Down Spotted”- Crow Nation, Fort Keogh, Montana, 1881. Photo By L.A. Huffman

daily lifeDiosMioMan2

8. “Cairo Mary,” Bouncer At Shanghai Reds (5th And Beacon In San Pedro, Ca) Escorts A Customer To The Door. 1953


9. My Grandma And Uncle In Iran, April 1971

daily lifetruly_anonymis

10. Children In A Traditional Minobashi Raincoat Going To A New Year’s Event, Niigata Prefecture, Japan, 1956