Rarely Known & Interesting History Facts

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1. 1939. Kansas Wheat

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2. 50 Years Ago They Tried To Stop Katherine Switzer From Running The Boston Marathon Because She Was A Woman. Last Month, At 70, She Ran It Again Wearing The Same Number

3. 1963

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4. On January 19, 1981, Heavyweight Champ Muhammad Ali Became So Upset When He Found Out That A Vietnam Veteran Was About To Commit Suicide Near His Home, That He Dashed To The Scene In Just Four Minutes. Not Only Did Ali Prevent The Man From Killing Himself, He Also Personally Drove Him To The Hospital

5. 1940s Polio Outbreak

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6. Madam CJ Walker in her Ford

7. American Aircraft Carrier

8. This Is A 392-Year-Old Greenland Shark That Was Recently Discovered In The Arctic Ocean. He’s Been Wandering The Ocean Since The Early 1600s!

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9. Hedgehog

10. Polish Girl, Lidka, 21, Member Of The Resistance, During Warsaw Uprising 1944. Survived The War, Died In 1993

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