50 Rare Historical Photos That Will Impress You (New Photos)

31. Navajo Riders In The Canyon De Chelly, Arizona. 1904, Photo Taken By Edward Curtis

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32. A Native American Man Looking Over The Newly Completed Transcontinental Railroad In Nevada, 1869


33. One Of The Many Selfies That Emperor Nicholas II Took Throughout His Life, (1868-1918)


34. Frozen Niagara Falls, 1911

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35. All Of Them Pick Shrimp At The Peerless Oyster Co. Photo Was Taken While Bosses Were At Dinner As They Refused To Permit The Children To Be In Photos. Out Of 60 Workers, 15 Were Apparently Under 12 Yrs Old. Bay St. Louis, Miss, March 1911


36. Oldest Austrian Soldier Of Ww1, A 79-Year-Old Gaspar Wallnöfer, Veteran Of Habsburg Campaigns In Italy In 1848 And 1866, September 1917

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37. Last Sword Duel In History In France, 1967 Between The Mayor Of Marseille And The Socialist Party Candidate For Presidency


38. A Rare Photo Of A Traffic Accident In The Netherlands More Than 100 Years Ago. The Photo Was Taken In 1914

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39. An Outdoor Hockey Game In Sweden Is Cut Short, 1959


40. Acrobats Balance On Top Of The Empire State Building (1934)

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