50 Rare Historical Photos That Will Impress You (New Photos)

11. Coal Miners Coming Up A Coal Mine Elevator After A Day Of Work In 1920’s Belgium


12. Today In 1945, The Auschwitz Death Camp Was Discovered And Liberated By The Red Army


13. A Boy’s Reaction Staring At A TV Screen For The First Time (1948)

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14. American Troops Treat A Wounded Dog On Orote Pennisula. W.Eugene Smith. 1944


15. Female Snipers Of The 3rd Shock Army, 1st Belorussian Front, 775 Confirmed Kills, Germany, May 1945

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16. Lockheed Martin Employee Sally Wadsworth Working On The Fuselage Of A P-38 Lightning In California In 1944


17. JFK & Bill Clinton Greeting At The White House, In 1963


18. Arikara Warrior ‘Bear’s Belly’ – North Dakota, USA – Photo By Edward Curtis (1909)

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19. An Undercover Police Officer On Duty. New York, Brooklyn, 1 July 1969


20. San Francisco’s Iconic Cliff House, Shortly Before It Was Destroyed By Fire In 1907

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