Rare Genetics Create Remarkable Unique People

21. This Hexagon Vein Structure On My Wrist

rare geneticsshrekfan46

22. Brazilian Family All Have 12 Fingers And Toes Due To Genetic Condition “Polydactyly”

Vianey Bentes

23. A Few People Have Actually Said Wtf When Looking At My Eyes

rare geneticssmeisinger705

24. I Always Hid It, But Now I Want To Share With You My Birthmark In The Center Of My Forehead


25. My Girlfriend Has Freckles In Her Iris. They Look Like Marbles

rare geneticsollispitzisfire

26. A Boy With Heterochromia


27. My Hair And Eyelashes Are Naturally Split Into Blonde And Brunette

rare geneticscurtaincup

28. My Face Birthmark


29. I Am Allergic To The Cold

rare geneticsQueen-of-nightmare

30. I Have A Pair Of Moles, That Look Like An Eyebrow Piercing