Rare Genetics Create Remarkable Unique People

31. My Vitiligo Has Turned Half Of My Upper Eyelashes White

rare geneticsTheRakishRaconteur

32. My Hair Is Half Blonde Half Brunette. Including Eyebrows


33. My Iris Is Misshaped But No Known Eye Problems After 25 Years

rare geneticsEmikaBrooke

34. My Son Inherited My Joined Together Toes


35. Been Seeing A Lot Of 4 Finger Havers, Here’s Me! I Was Born With 3 Of Them

rare geneticsGuy_Areddit

36. My Beard Grows 1/4 Orange And Is Split At Pretty Much The Middle Of My Chin (Even Extends Up To My Bottom Lip)


37. My Son Was Born With A Black Spot Of Hair In His Blonde Hair. It Grows In Black, And There Is No Birth Mark Or Discoloration Under It

rare geneticsmaceparks

38. My Sons Nostrils Are Shaped Like Little Hearts


39. How My Vitiligo Changes From The Winter To The Summer


40. I Was Cursed With A Belly Button That Sticks Out Through My Shirts

rare geneticsSwirlxx