Rare Genetics Create Remarkable Unique People

Being different from common is not bad always, especially if you have rare genetics that makes your beauty unique. Here are 40 people with rare genetics.

1. Mother And Her 1 Year-Old Son Have Very Uncommon Heterochromia Leaving Them With Beautiful And Mesmerizing Swirled Blue And Black Eyes

rare geneticshominoid_in_NGC4594

2. Amina Ependieva Has Two Rare Genetic Conditions: Albinism And Heterochromia


3. One Of The Coolest Birthmarks I Have Ever Seen

rare geneticsPhilchil23

4. 8-Year-Old Carter Blanchard And Rowdy The Dog Both Have A Disorder Called Vitiligo


5. Love The ”Pattern” In My Wife’s Eyes

rare geneticssnakepatay

6. I Have A Hereditary Gap In My Eyebrow


7. My Sister Has Had Hair That’s Half Blonde Half Brunette Since She Was Born. 1989 vs. Today

rare geneticsAgentShabu

8. I Have Partial Heterochromia In Both Eyes


9. A Rare Genetic Disorder Known As Cat Eye Syndrome

rare geneticsrenan_ozturk

10. Baby Chanco Was Born With A Lot Of Hair Which Kept Growing. This Is Her At 7 Months Age