40 Harsh Comebacks To Those Who Are Far Away From The Society’s Reality

Sometimes people deserve harsh comebacks to make them face society’s reality. You will see here 40 harsh comebacks that show reality.

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1. Elon Musk Gets Destroyed By Facts And Logic

harsh comebacksZaackHunt

2. You Dense Mother F…


3. Let’s All Make A Pledge

harsh comebackscatrinadaimonlee

4. “I Don’t Understand Marches”


5. Defining A Hero

harsh comebacksopnmindtexas

6. Starbucks Gives Sick Leave


7. Khloe Kardashian Murdered After Posting Advertisement

harsh comebackstfxin

8. Extremely True


9. Capitalist Scumbag Thinks He’s A Socialist

harsh comebackselonmusk

10. Bezos Received A Small Loan Of 300,000 From Parents And A Million Dollars From Relatives In 1995