Rare Genetics Create Remarkable Unique People

11. My Daughters Birthmark Is An Up Vote

rare geneticskatsep44

12. I Have A Small Amount Of Sectoral Heterochromia In My Right Eye, Plus A Kind Of Interesting Eye Pattern


13. I Have A Birthmark In My Eye

rare geneticsJustSavi

14. I Was Born Without Finger Or Toe Prints


15. I (17M) Have Abnormally Long Arms 5’9 With A 6’6 Wingspan

rare geneticsNupSuckle

16. I Was Born With One Of The Rarest Forms Of Belly Buttons In The World


17. I Have A Skin Condition Called Dermatographia Which Causes My Skin To Raise From The Smallest Scratch And I Like To Draw Flowers On Myself Sometimes

rare geneticsLast_Thursday

18. I Saw Some Say That They Have Sectoral Heterochromia, And I Raise You To Central Heterochromia


19. Taylor Muhl Has A Rare Genetic Condition Called, Chimerism. She Is “Her Own Twin”

rare geneticstaylormuhl

20. None Of My Fingers Have A Middle Joint