40 Funny Photos Of Cute Little Cat Edmund

31. The Free-Running Cat

funniest cat picsAfter moving to a cottage in a quiet rural location, as soon as we let Edmund outside he started climbing onto the outbuildings around the cottage. He realised that they were close enough together to allow him to jump from one to another until he reached the highest. Not for the first time, I had to watch him risk life and limb while he thoroughly enjoyed himself.

32. The Focused Cat

Most of our cats have not been keen on wide-open spaces, with Baldrick in particular liking to lurk in the undergrowth, but Edmund took to the field like a cheetah on the savannah. He would “hide” behind small tufts of grass and then set off across the field at speed and a fair speed it was too. We often wondered if Edmund had a bit of Savannah, Bengal or something more exotic (possibly alien) in his DNA, as he was certainly not an average moggy.

33. The Leaping Cat

funniest cat pics

34. The Woodland Cat

Edmund soon discovered the woodland on the far side of the field, and would happily climb large trees as well as vanishing inside a hollowed-out tree trunk that he would emerge from several minutes later after his travels in the underworld. It was scary to watch him in action, but he had such a lust for life and was a real force of nature. He would chase pheasants in the woods, and every now and then came close to catching one. I had visions of one day seeing him flying across the field sat on the back of a pheasant and wouldn’t really have been surprised.

35. The Pretty Cat

36. The Floating Cat

funniest cat pics

37. The Flying Cat

38. The Snow Cat

funniest cat pics

39. The Bee-Chasing Cat

Edmund would chase butterflies and bumblebees and catch them under his paw then look totally confused when he lifted his paw and they would fly away. He loved chasing things but never developed a killer instinct.

40. The Hunting Cat

funniest cat pics