30 Adorable Pics Of “Shameless” Pets Who Stole Their Owners’ Partners

21. Daisy Adores My Boyfriend. I’m Pretty Sure He’s Her Boyfriend Now


22. My Girlfriend’s Dog And I The First Night We Met

Shameless Petsblackythegreat

23. This Girl Has Been Trying To Steal My Husband Since Day One

Shameless Petspunohuksy,punohuksy

24. I Turn My Back For 2 Seconds And He’s Trying To Steal My Girl And My Food

Shameless Petssambianchetto

25. When He Steals Yo Man Successfully

Nasrin Hami

26. My Dog Showing My Girlfriend That I’m His


27. My Girlfriend Decorated Our Tree With My Dog Last Week

Shameless PetsGoX14

28. Every Time Husband Comes Home And Sits Down, The Girls Are Like This Within Minutes


29. My Wife And Our Dog Marty As I Was Leaving For Work This Morning


30. My Dog Stole My Girlfriend And He Knows It

Shameless Petsapradical2