30 Adorable Pics Of “Shameless” Pets Who Stole Their Owners’ Partners

11. “Back Off, He’s Mine Now”

Shameless PetsHyst3riaa

12. Caught My GF Taking Selfies With My Dog. The Shade He Throws Me At The End Hurt Me


13. My BF And Dog When They Play A Video Game

Shameless Petsshangram

14. BF: “You’re Paranoid, The Cat Definitely Doesn’t Love Me More.” BF: Closes Door. Cat:


15. We Have This One Mare That’s Always Trying To Steal My Man

Shameless PetsDeathbeforedawn7

16. My Beautiful GF Has Never Looked At Me This Way

Shameless PetsThe_Duke_of_Lizards

17. Here’s My Shoulder Kitten Watching The Mandalorian With My BF


18. GF And I Adopted This Dude From The Shelter Yesterday. He Follows Her Everywhere And Does This When She Sits Down


19. Maybe I’m Being Paranoid But I Think She’s Flirting With My Boyfriend


20. I Just Woke Up And Realized That I’m The Third Wheel