30 Of The Worst Stories About Shaming Bad Moms

There is a subreddit called Mom Groups Say is dedicated to shaming bad moms and all of their mom group drama.

1. This Mom On Why She Is Refusing The Big C19 Vaccine

bad moms

2. Why Do They All Have To Hate Science Though?

3 months ago

3. Why Are Karen’s So Against Thermometers? Don’t Consent! Bonus Snark At The End

4. I Asked About Learning Activities For My Toddler

bad moms

5. Saw This And Just Knew It Belonged Here

6. The Mom Group I’m In Is A Goldmine For Crazy. I Posted About My 2 Year Old Asking For Privacy In The Bathroom And This Was A Comment I Got

7. Is Covid19 Real? Asked And Answered In A Local Mom Group

bad moms

8. Gay Satanic Clowns

9. It’s Gross Karen. I’m Also Pretty Certain It’s Illegal To Feed Unsuspecting People Your Bodily Fluids

10. Found On A Baby Sleep Help Website. Says