40 Hilarious Pics Of People Having A Worse Day

31. That Time I Went To London And Finally Got To See Big Ben

worse dayaxnu

32. I’m Being Overcharged By Insurance After My Daughter Was Born. This Is The Pile Of Mail I Have To Go Through To Prove They’re Ripping Me Off. Pear For Scale


33. Turned On The Wrong Burner And Then Grabbed A Metal Bowl That Was Sitting Above The Flame. Ouch. Yup. Those Are Blisters


34. I Now Remember That Yesterday I Wanted A Cool Soda

worse daydim-pap

35. Tried To Buzzcut My Hair Because All The Barbers Were Closed, Clipper Called It Quits Halfway Through. 4 Days Until My Amazon One Arrives


36. Cars After Freezing Rain In Vladivostok, Russia


37. I Think I’m Going To Need A Bigger Bucket

worse dayTheNightMan5000

38. Ordered A New Chlorinator For The Pool, The Instructions Came On VHS


39. Bottle Of Sweet & Sour Sauce Exploded In My Bag


40. GF And I Have Covid. Heater Went Out, Technician Can’t Come Out Due To Quarantine. Decided To Try And Fix It Myself

worse dayKidw0nder