Men Tell What They Didn’t Know Before Living With A Woman

Living with a woman teaches many things men didn’t know before about their mate. A Reddit user asked ‘What’s something you didn’t realize the opposite sex did until you lived with them?’ and here are 30 responses by men.


living with a womanStillloveyou112

Spend hours doing hair and make up and doesn’t look all that different from when they started.

Also, don’t ever say that . I learned the hard way .



I didnt realize women paid so much for bras until I got married and also ended up paying too much for bras as well.


living with a womanjenyad20

When you date a girl and you come to her place, everything is always clean and organized, but once you live with her you learn that she is as much of a slob as you are.



That women have magically regenerating hair. Otherwise my girlfriend should be bald judging by the amount of hair she leaves around the apartment.


living with a womanEldritchedd

I never realized just how much blood comes out of a woman on her period until I walked in on a friend taking a shower…I honestly thought she was dying and bleeding out.



Steal my hoodies then complain when I stole her bras.


living with a womanSmeckldorfthestrange

When it’s time for her to go to bed, it’s actually time for us to go to bed.



Women pee with a pressure hose.

I still get a little scared when I hear a girl have a good piss and it sounds like she’s boring a hole through the toilet.


living with a womannunesgss

Women use a lot of toilet paper, ALOT.



My girlfriend of a year had naturally curly hair that she straightened every morning. Never had a clue.