60 Awful Things That Make People’s Day Terrible

Sometimes we live such awful things that make us think there would be nothing worse. Here are 60 people who live amazingly terrible days.

1. Well Sh*t

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2. They Deserve It


3. Using A Car Window As A Mirror


4. This A**hole Flew Through Two Panes Of Glass. Shook It Off. Destroyed My Bedroom. Shit On Everything He Destroyed, And Then Had The Audacity To Smile At Me As He Was Being Escorted From The Premises


5. Watched A French Swat Team And This Happened

people having worse dayplease-replace

6. Don’t Wanna Get My Shoes Wet


7. Congrats On A New Chandelier, Neighbour!


8. Unlucky Parking

people having worse day

9. This Perfect “Story In Three Panels” Of My Cousin


10. PRN 6969 – My Girlfriend’s State Given License Plate Number

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