40 Hilarious Pics Of People Having A Worse Day

21. The Diamond In My Ring Fell Out Today. It Came With A 10-Year Workmanship Guarantee. Yesterday Was Our 10th Wedding Anniversary


22. A Bird Pooped In The Open Mouth Piece Of My Coffee

worse dayJackedRussellTerror

23. -25 Outside. Heavy Grocery Bag. No Gloves. Long Reunion/Chat With Old Friend In Parking Lot. Gravity


24. In 2003, A Technician Forgot To Log That He Had Removed 24 Bolts During The Maintenance Of The Noaa-19 Satellite, Causing The Satellite To Fall Over And Costing $135,000,000 In Damages

worse dayhere_for_fun_XD

25. Someone At My Stepdad’s Work Put Dry Ice In The Toilet By Mistake


26. Today’s My Birthday. No One Could Make It Over For Pizza And Games, The Power Went Out And I Twisted My Ankle Because I Couldn’t See Coming Down The Stairs

worse daydekusoup

27. My Neighbors Had A Party Last Night. That’s My Trampoline


28. My Toddler And I Walked To The Park. Just To Find That The Whole Playground Has Been Removed

worse day


29. Kids Learned A Couple New Words Today


30. Went Down To The Basement To Do Laundry