40 Hilarious Pics Of People Having A Worse Day

11. I’m An Idiot And My Wife Won’t Stop Laughing At Me

worse dayShaneblaster

12. I Think My Attempt At Growing Tomatoes Turn Out Rather Well


13. I Took Some Aspirin When I Was Tired Really Late At Night. I Realized An Hour Later That What I Took Was Not Aspirin

worse dayKatOfTheEssence

14. You Are Not Going To Believe What Happened While You Were Gone


15. I Chewed On It Twice Thinking It Was A Clove Of Garlic Before I Made The Horrific Realization It Was A Fingernail

worse dayAlicee-

16. Results From An Allergy Test – My Body Reacts To Every Type Of Local Allergen


17. My Boss’s Secretary Quit This Morning After Delivering Breakfast

worse daywhothefuqisdan

18. “I Think I Left A Window Open Last Night, Not Sure”


19. Slipped In The Shower, Landed On The Toilet

worse dayBonsonoptic

20. In Ten Seconds I’m Going To Discover The Value Of Lifejackets And Renter’s Insurance