30 Pics Of People Having Really Bad Day

These poor people are having a really bad day. Here is a compiled list full of funny accidents and worst fails!

1. My Cat Couldn’t Get To His Litter Box Because The Toilet Door Was Forgotten Closed At Night, So He Spilt The Litter Bag Himself And Pooped On It


2. He Saw A Squirrel And Dragged Me Through The Mud On My Ass


3. Some Musicians Just Aren’t Smooth


4. Kids Playing With Fire Hose During Coast Guard Demo


5. This Big Guy And Three Of His Friends Got Into A Newly Built Montana House And Proceeded To Live There For A Month Before Being Found


6. Went To Open My Fridge. Definitely Thought My Hand Was Connected Properly


7. Stuck His Head In A Hole In A Tree To Take A Look, Guess What He Found

8. Crashed Car And A Parking Ticket


9. Put My Visor Down In The Side To Block The Sun


10. Threw My Swatter At A Fly. Don’t Ask Questions Because I Don’t Have Answers