40 Hilarious Pics Of People Having A Worse Day

We all have bad days but these people are having a worse day than you. Take a look at these funny pics, you may feel guilty for laughing at them.

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1. Look I’ve Heard It’s Rough In Australia, But South Africa Hits Different. No Morning Swim Today

worse dayShaunBezzo

2. Lit A Match To Light A Candle On The Toilet. Flew Out Of My Hand And Landed In My Underwear While Burning


3. Mistakes Were Made In The Media

worse dayNordisali

4. I Think My Dad Regrets His Decision To Clean The Gutters With A Leaf Blower


5. At Least He Left A Note There

worse daygamerwitcher

6. I Can’t Find The Culprit That Left This In My House


7. In-Laws Invited Us Over For Dinner. It Was A Trap

worse dayMindfulMuser

8. Yesterday Our Neighbor’s 80′ Locust Tree Gave Us Some Live Edge Skylights, A Great View Of The Stars, And That Rainforest Cafe Atmosphere That Our Living Room Had Just Always Been Missing


9. Is It Funnier Knowing That These Are Antidepressants?

worse daySSR_Id_prefer_not_to

10. Schrodinger’s Baby