30 Of The Worst Stories About Shaming Bad Moms

21. This Extreme Fear-Mongering Pisses Me Off So Much

22. F Your Privacy. I’m Gonna Show 53,000 People Your Picture And Tell Them You Got Your Period Today!

23. From An Unschooling Facebook Page. Poor Kid

24. I Literally Don’t Even Know What To Say

25. They’re Not Vaxxing Their Dogs Either

26. Uhhhh Would This Be A Major Red Flag To Anyone Else?

bad moms

27. My Kid’s Dentist Told Me Skipping Antibiotics Will Be Really Painful For Her, So I’d Like To Go Ahead And Do That

28. That’s More Than 3 Pageants A Month If They Start When She Was Born! Of Course, The Poor Thing Doesn’t Want To Out Her Sippy Cup Down She’s A Baby!

bad moms

29 Please Don’t Make Me Explain Why

30. Who Says You Can’t Be Cool And Rebellious Once You’re A Mom