What Is A Conspiracy Theory You Actually Believe In?

Do you believe in conspiracy theories? A Reddit user asked ‘What is a conspiracy theory you actually believe in?’ and here are 30 of the responses.


conspiracy theorySecret_Agent_Z

The media is the biggest stirrer of fear and anger and use it in order to stay relevant to keep the funds rolling in



That my phone listens to conversations. Far too many situations where I’d talk about something random and see adverts about it on FB and Instagram without me ever searching for it


conspiracy theoryturkiciconoclast

Products are not made to last



Aliens 1000% exist, maybe not UFOs and all that but there’s no way in hell we’re the only life in this gigantic galaxy


conspiracy theorysatan-probably

This might not be a groundbreaking hot take, but i think that applying for disability status/benefits is intentionally made to be a convoluted mess of bureaucratic jargon and endless hoops to jump through SOLELY so that disabled people don’t take advantage of them, either because they give up trying to navigate an intentionally confusing system, or because they make a mistake along the way, and the process gets f***ed up. I’m really lucky I had my mom helping me with a lot of the paperwork because otherwise I would never be able to get the supports I need in post secondary. It’s like someone purposefully designed the process to be as unobtainable, messy, and overwhelmingly complex for a disabled person as they possibly could.



The US doesn’t provide free college because military numbers would plummet


conspiracy theorySnoo_97670

There are people out there hired by companies to make dozens of fake accounts that retweet, reblog, etc and act like real people just to advertise products.



The “Fine Art” market is a scam used/run by the ultra wealthy to hide and preserve their wealth.


conspiracy theoryjaspellior

Women’s clothing doesn’t have adequate pockets because the purse and handbag industry wants to ensure women continue to buy bags to carry their things.



Trump ran as a stunt. He was never supposed to win and didn’t even want to.